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Tiny Miracles
Tiny Miracles has -through 10 years of trial and error- developed an holistic approach to help extremely poor communities first to break their own poverty cycle and then stay out of it. To stay out of poverty people need work for sustainable salaries- this gives them the perspective and the means to take their future in own hands. Tiny Miracles strongly believes in making aesthetically beautiful products, selling at numerous high-end museums and design stores and has won multiple design awards. It is Tiny Miracles ambition to enable 1 million people out of poverty by 2030.


Van Gelder Indian Jewellery
This second generation family business is specialized in traditional Indian heritage jewellery and in-house designed contemporary collections. The Van Gelder sisters combine their eye for quality, design and craftsmanship with a profound knowledge of the historical and cultural context of India and its jewelry tradition. Their understanding of and experience in India convinced them of the important connection between local heritage and artisanal craftsmanship and cultural identity and rooting. Fleur and Noëlle are committed to protect and support these skills.

Swantribune began with a desire to create a world where the bizarre was the essence, where art had a sense of innocence, the courage to be colourful and beautiful without provocation. To simply share what I found wonderful on my travels or in my own imagination. Thus the illustrations symbolise the souvenirs of our life’s journey, within and out. 

It all started in a room within a block printing factory in Jaipur, and today has been able to grow through the collaborations with inspiring people, different brands and concepts. 


Bite of Light
Natascha Brandt is a Venezuelan photographer and co-founder of “Bite of Light”: a creative studio in Amsterdam. With a graphic design and art direction background, she is focused on food photography and still life. She can apply this experience well in her photography, which is perhaps the reason that her photos often have an artistic appearance. In her photography you will recognize her love for natural light and textures, her attention to detail and her deep passion for art and good food. She is a beauty seeker, crazy in love with creative photography.


VSH Gieterij