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General terms & conditions

‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ is a Trade Name under PEPE HEYKOOP DESIGNS BV, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number 55502911.

1. Prices/payments

Prices are exclusive VAT, shipping charges and other charges when applicable. Indicated retail prices are advisory, if you wish to defer from them, please contact PEPE HEYKOOP FOR TINY MIRACLES CREATIONS (‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’)

2. Orders/delivery

2.1. You will be informed about the shipping costs prior to shipping.

2.2. Invoices are sent through e-mail.

2.3. We ship after payment is received unless otherwise agreed.

2.4. ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ is not obliged to deliver backorders, this is to be decided per occurrence.

2.5. Small abnormalities in color/print/quality occur. They cannot be stated as a reason for cancelling or returning goods unless agreed upon differently.

3. Complaints/warranty

3.1 Customer may only invoke our warranty provisions if ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ is notified in writing of defects in and/or unreliability of the goods in case of visible defects within 8 days after delivery of the goods and in the case of invisible defects within 2 days after discovery of the defect. ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ decides whether the warranty shall consist in either repair or replacement of the goods concerned, or reimbursement of the invoice value of the goods concerned, without customer being able to assert any other claim for compensation.

4. Reservation of Ownership

The delivered goods shall remain property of ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ until customer has met all payment obligations, including interest and cost related to these goods. ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ is entitled to reclaim the goods upon failure of above.

5. Liability

‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ is in no case responsible for loss/damage, which is suffered by the customer and/or 3rd parties as a consequence of failure by us due to “force majeure”. In no case is ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ liable for loss/damage caused by 3rd parties hired by PEPE HEYKOOP PRODUCTS, except where there can be said to be intent of gross culpability. In no case ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ liability shall extend beyond the reimbursement of the invoice value of the goods. The provisions of this subsection are without pre-justice to the provisions of subsection 3 relating to complaints and warranty.

6. Intellectual property

All designs, drawings, illustrations, products as well as all other information provided by ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ to customer in connection with agreement, shall remain our property, with express reservation of potential applicable property rights. Without ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ expressively written permission the customer is prohibited from copying or causing to copy this information or making it available to 3rd parties. 

7. Proper law

7.1. Subject to the provisions of these general terms and conditions and without pre-justice thereto, all our agreements are governed by Dutch law.

7.2. All disputes shall be brought before and ruled on by the competent court in Amsterdam, unless ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ prefers to bring the dispute to competent court where the customer has its registered office or residence.

8. Location

The PEPE HEYKOOP PRODUCTS products cannot be sold at a different location than the one the order was placed for. If you open a new location or a web shop, you are obliged to discuss this with ‘Made by Tiny Miracles B.V.’ (the reason being potential exclusivity agreements with other resellers).

9. Agreement

By placing an order, you state that you are familiar with and agree to these terms & conditions.

Pepe Heykoop Designs BV
Aambeeldstraat 24-1
1021 KB Amsterdam 
the Netherlands